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O & M Team

At  AGB Infratel we follow the principle of learning and inculcate Telecom industry best practices across the organization. We have engaged industry veterans to lead individual technical teams. AGB Infratel is always on the lookout to engage with experts who can bring value to our customers.

We engage with our customers in identifying the technical activities or processes that can be outsourced, while the customer can focus on core areas which will add value to their services.

We implement and follow International quality standards-based process which can result in meeting the service level agreements signed off by the Telecom service providers with their enterprise or retail customers.

120+ trained and experienced engineers, supervisors and team leads.

At AGB Infratel we believe that our performance levels should be measured and hence a constant and close watch on the Key performance Indicators (KPI) help us to stay aligned to our strategic goals and objectives.  Closely watching KPI’s helps us question ourselves and helps us focus our attention on the areas that requires attention.

At AGB Infratel, we view problems as opportunities and mistakes as progress, helping us in early problem detection and engage better problem solving methods. Preventive maintenance not only includes routine maintenance but also helps us understand the lifespan of each part or subsystem for replacement frequency.

AGB Infratel’s self-developed mobile based O&M tracking application ensures that minimum time and effort is required to track the progress of fault rectification and the overall efficiency of the team. The mobile app tracks material requests and consumption, thereby reducing the time the O&M team spends on mundane tasks.

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