Turn Key Projects

AGB Infratel over a period of time has developed enough skills and the required support team to take up turnkey projects. The company has diversified into areas like Wide-area-Networking (WAN), Internet-of-things (IoT), build of Fiber & Copper networks, end to end GSM Cell Site build, trenchless underground HT electrical cable laying and other areas. Turnkey projects significantly reduce the turnaround time of a project and help the customer reduce the go-to-the-market time and that too at a reduced cost. Significant cost benefits can be achieved by the customer. Increased control on the project helps AGB Infratel reduce the overall cost of the project and hence a better final price to the customer. Use of well-planned and cost effective procurement and delivery methods, effectively reduce the delivery timelines. AGBInfratel has also developed the capability of training the customer’s operations team with a documented Hand-over-take-over (HOTO) procedure.

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