Operations & Maintenance

For many organizations who would like to save on manpower costs without sacrificing the efficiency of work done, outsourcing has become a viable alternative for running certain aspects of their business. The most time consuming and high transaction activity for any organization is the area of operations and maintenance. Corrective and scheduled maintenance activities a cost center, which often ends up over shooting budgets causing a heart burn for many an organization. Time and again, it has been proved that outsourcing Operations & Maintenance activity can put a cap on the cost centers and at the same time maintain mandatory service levels. Hiring and training specialized staff, bringing in engineering expertise from outside the organization, reduces capital expense  yielding better control of operating costs.

AGB Infratel has over 130+ manpower focused on Broadband Networks maintenance and Fiber Repair. The teams are full-fledged and are supported by an agile backend team, ensuring faster turnaround times. Simple automation of time consuming tasks like reporting to office at the start of a day, requested for O&M spares, booking consumption etc has been achieved by porting apps to Android phones.

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